Cherry Wine – Jarlath Mulhern

People who hold phones,
too large for their faces.
That wear condoms,
too large for their sex.
People who have sat with Narcissus so long,
that they have become their own God.

We are afraid.

We are afraid that we will grow up to be our parents,
We’ll promise to be what they never were.
We won’t find a house to buy (and sell and buy and sell and buy)
We won’t let our children be monuments to our failure.
We will never die.

We are afraid.

We are afraid of being touched and of being untouched,
of making love.
What’s left is to screw,
to strangle one another in bed,
blood running over tissue.

The recycled grandeurs and same broken ground.
Heights of emotion turned feigned expression.
The story’s told, the cypher closes, what’s bound
is now unbound. Fragments of an impression.

Wait, no.
Ignore all the things I said,
We could spend another day
drinking cherry wine,
in bed.

About aloudqmu

Aloud is a monthly poetry and spoken word open mic night, and literary magazine. We are based in Glasgow University's Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Here we wish to publish performance videos from our open mic nights, event updates, and the writing featured in our monthly Aloud Magazine, and some of the writing that didn't quite make the final cut.
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1 Response to Cherry Wine – Jarlath Mulhern

  1. So poignant and deep. Love it!


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