Comparisons – Jack Macmillan

I remember when I was younger, when I first learned about metaphor and simile
it seemed so strange to me that you could describe something to
describe something:

this is all kind of like a potato.

Well that’s not the best example
but I feel my point still stands
to say something is like something else to help you better understand
the point I’m trying to make

a relationship is like baking a cake
right amount of sugar and flour just like finding a balance of power
eggs and butter to make a batter to help us better keep together
the heat from the oven

because you are really hot

but I discovered that it’s not as simple as that
because a relationship is like baking a cake
depending on the time that you take it’s either undercooked or burned
and if it’s perfect in the middle then no lessons will be learned
and if these lessons are not learned then how am I to grow
and how without all these lessons am I supposed to know
if it is even a sponge cake that I want to bake
or gateaux

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a matter of perspective
that doesn’t mean one definition’s broken or defective
it’s all subjective

here is an example:
love is like the moon
it’s not always there, or
love is like the moon
it’s always there it’s just sometimes you can’t see it
just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean that it’s not there
it might be hidden by light pollution or precipitation in the air

I like the second one a lot
although when it comes to describing love I’d rather say what it is and what it’s not

love is waking up in a train station because the night before
I got drunk so that I could pick up the courage to leave daffodils at your door
love is not a right swipe and a match with someone that is hot, love is not
determined by the shared tinder likes that you got
even if those likes are something amazing like kit-kats, crufts or jelly tots.

About aloudqmu

Aloud is a monthly poetry and spoken word open mic night, and literary magazine. We are based in Glasgow University's Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Here we wish to publish performance videos from our open mic nights, event updates, and the writing featured in our monthly Aloud Magazine, and some of the writing that didn't quite make the final cut.
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