Pass the Parcel (to me) – Eleanor Capaldi

I watch as it gets passed around,
Layers of tissue ripped, floating like confetti to the ground.
My hands twitch in anticipation, my insides twinge with tension,
Eagerly and greedily, I reach with glee; me Me ME!

I pause where the music has not.

‘I’m the Birthday Girl,’ I protest, ‘it’s only fair?’
A quiet word from Mum, ‘it’s nice to share.’
With a colossal sigh, I slip it to my right,
A few person’s later, squeals of delight.

As I later survey my loot, my presents,
I decide I am too young for resentment.
Next week there’s a party at Sarah’s pad,
Rumour has it there’s a light up yo-yo under wraps.

About aloudqmu

Aloud is a monthly poetry and spoken word open mic night, and literary magazine. We are based in Glasgow University's Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Here we wish to publish performance videos from our open mic nights, event updates, and the writing featured in our monthly Aloud Magazine, and some of the writing that didn't quite make the final cut.
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