Aloud Magazine has been running since the start of 2015; our goal is to provide a free platform to as much exciting new, old, novice and veteran writing as possible.

The mag can be found in various spots across Glasgow University campus, and new issues are brought out monthly during term time.

If you’d like to submit to Issue 03, you can do so by sending poetry (of max. 40 lines), prose (of max. 600 words), or sample artwork (for a chance of being featured as cover artist in future issues), to; max. three pieces per person please. Deadline midnight on April 3rd.

We accept all sorts, with no set theme or style, so try your luck and we’ll get back to all contributors when the editorial team meets and makes their selections toward the end of each month. This month we are, however, also looking to feature one or more themed pieces, so try your hand at that if you’d like! The theme is: ‘The Words That Changed My Life’.

Get writing, fuckers!

Cal, Cat, Emma and Ross

Issue 01 Cover Art Issue 02 Cover Art

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